"I was born in Lisbon. I study Communication Design at the Escola de Artes António Arroio. I started to draw and paint from a very early age influenced  by the artistic taste of my closest family. By mid 2007, at the age of thirteen, I discovered a new world that has influenced me ever since, until today: Graffiti. In the beginning, I taught myself and always tried to paint as many times as possible with "collected" material that I was able to find. As time went by, I got more and more into the Grafitti scene. Later on 2009,  after many home paintings, I did my first street intervention. I spent most of the time at home "chained" to thousands of drawings and studies. By 2011 I was invited, in a more "flashy" way, to paint at an exhibit's inauguration. Soon I began to be part of the "Primeira Arte" collective, something that brought even more motivation to me. My inspiration comes from everything. Half-conversations, misplaced words, useless departing ideas."

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