How does the system EarBOX?

EarBOXWEAR S.A. has developed an unique system that let you integrate speakers through a double lining from the hood of the sweat- shirts to a pocket . This system allows the user to listen to music without ever turning off the world around you , greatly increased the level of road safety for commuters , pedestrians or alternative vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, skates or segways.

An original method that offers new solutions for hearing problems and increases the level of road safety.

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Where can I buy a EarBOX?

EarBOXWEAR SA sells its products in the store online, at the official website of the brand, www.earboxwear.com, and events chosen by the company for this purpose, such as music festivals, fairs or specific sports championships.

Presences in festivals, fairs and events will be announced on the official brand website and facebook.

EarBOXWEAR S.A. is not responsible for products purchased at any other point of sale, which is not authorized by EarBOXWEAR S.A.

Where are EarBOX clothes produced?

All products are produced in Braga, Portugal.

Can I wash the columns of EarBOX?

The speaker system of EarBOX is not washable. EarBOXWEAR S.A. is not responsible for water damage or misuse of the system. The audio system must be removed from the piece before it is washed, as mentioned in the Instruction Manual that is shipped with the piece.

speakers sold separately


The columns of EarBOX are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. Also can not be placed in the clothes dryer.

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EarBOX offer any warranty on their products?

EarBOX speakers are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. If the product is defective from production, EarBOXWear S.A. is also responsible for this. This warranty does not cover rinses, drops, breakages, or theft.

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Can I walk in the rain with EarBOX products?

EarBOX speakers are covered with Portuguese cork. This material is semi-waterproof thereby ensuring that you can walk in the rain with them.

The sizes are very different from other brands?

Our sizes do not differ much from the sizes of other brands beacause they are measured by the standard tables of Europe.

If there is no size at the online store, do you have the size somewhere else?

If the size or product you desire is sold out on the site is because we do not have that product in stock.

What forms of payment can I choose?

For you acquire our pieces can make payment through Paypal, Visa or bank transfer payment.

How many days it takes your order to arrive?

Within 5 to 10 days you should receive your order at the destination, in useful days.

I wish to make a return. How can I do it?

You have 15 days from the day you receive the product, to make any exchange or return. You should pack the order, in the same way that it was sent, and should come with your name, order number and the item / size / color for which you wish to change. You should ensure you that our site has the article you wish to receive. The exchange will only be accepted if the item still has tags and is in the same conditions it was sent . If the piece you choose costs more, you must pay the difference of amount so that you can make the exchange. When we receive the product you sent back, and we see that is in the condition it was sent, we proceed to sending the next . The address to which you should send the piece to change is:

4700-023 BRAGA

What is the minimum age to use an EarBOX?

The smaller size of the pieces is Extra - Small for both men and for women ( exceptions in which the parts are not produced in that size ) . The Extra – Small usually suits persons from 12 years with an average height of 1.45 cm.