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Welcome to EarBOX - The Hoodie With Speakers

If you are looking for high quality products, you are in the right place!

Design and produce in Portugal to bring out your character – in style and in Music

Premium materials, crafted with care, equals pure listening pleasure!

EarBOX, Your Life's Soundtrack


For an active and connect youth

In an era where staying active and connected means everything. EarBOX integrates speakers in the hoodies grooving all your LifeStyle.

Our hoodies with the built-in audio system will create a completely new relationship between, you, your music and your surroundings.

Designed for your everyday needs. Take your Music everywhere & stay active and connected.

Listen to the world around you!



"Take your Music everywhere & Stay active and connected."

EarBOX was created thinking about the Active and Connect Youth of today. Not only introducing a cool and fresh concept of Urban Wear,
but also solving a real problem of alienation throughout the
 use of the regular HeadPhones, resulting in a lot of traffic accidents.
In North Europe the topic is well known as we can understand by the news.

EarBOX presents a cool solution for this problem, and offers the user a new and unique experience of connection with their Music and their surroundings.

With our specially designed Audio System with cork coated speakers, EarBOX enables you to listen to the world around you, talk with your friends,

listen to a car or someone calling you, take a walk by the beach listening to the ocean, all in tune with your favourite music, your life ́ soundtrack.

Our induced message of awareness for the new generations
is allowing us to explore our main project: The hoodie with speakers. 
But it is our hard work that ́s allowing EarBOX

to expand it's name and be the Brand this new Active and Connected Youth is searching for! 

The EarBOX original audio system
is a specially designed system to be integrated in EarBOX Hoodies.
With a unique design the speakers are functional and easy to use.

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